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How much do you know about Nike Kobe 4 generation and the 5 generation, 6 generation, 7 generation, 8 generation, 9 generation, 10 generation of basketball shoes? The people love basketball, understand NBA will know the God of Kobe pitcher, and like this movement of basketball itself also like the character of Kobe will know Nike Kobe series basketball shoes, so far, a total of eight series, respectively, Nike Kobe 7 basketball shoes, Nike Kobe 6 generation basketball shoes, Nike Kobe 5 basketball shoes, Kobe 4 basketball shoes, and 1, 2, 3 Nike Kobe basketball shoes. Compare to the Nike Kobe 4 generation and the 5 generation, 6 generation, 7 generation, 8 generation, 9 generation, and the kobe 10 generation of basketball shoes, what is the differences, what are the advantages of these Nike Basketball Shoes.

Kobe 4 Shoes

The Nike Kobe 4 generation basketball shoes from the constant progress based on front of the three generation, Nike ZOOM KOBE 4 broke the all people for the understanding of NBA Basketball Shoes. Nothing more than two reasons -- the history of the most lightweight and ultra low. Zoom Kobe 4 is light because it used a large area of the FLYWIRE, in the end use of lighter than the PHYLON 30% LUNARLITE FOAM, and low in shoe design, ZK4 is the lightest shoes in NIKE history at the time. Ultra low top design take with Kobe constant pursuit of light weight and speed, which attracted many NBA players wearing shoes also caused a series of shoe change later. Of course, whether a pair of shoes is classic and success lies not only in the shoes, more important is the performance of the players. 08-09 season, Kobe led Gasol, Odom, Bynum, and Ariza maked luxury team and won the NBA championship, Kobe was elected to the finals MVP, significant ZK4 have various colors fill a champion boots color. Therefore, ZK4 is the most meaningful one pair in the Zoom Kobe series.

Kobe 5 Shoes

The nike kobe 5 basketball shoes used more light, more robust Nike innovation Flywire technology, Nike Kobe 5 basketball shoes made by high temperature melting technology coverage, this is better than the traditional sewing technology, it's more convenient, more solid, more wear-resistant. The forefoot heel area are Nike Zoom unit and Phylon injection molded lightweight bottom constitute a perfect cushioning system, can reduce the impact force and at the same time does not increase any weight. Nike Kobe 5 Shoes also achieved great success.

Kobe 6 Shoes

Nike zoom Kobe 6 basketball shoes is the birth of Nike and Kobe in the team communication directly, so as to ensure that the shoes with the style of basketball perfect contract, Nike Kobe 6 made of hard rubber outsole, inspired by the black mamba's improved sole pattern. Part of the Chinese version of shoes also uses XDR (ultra wear resistant rubber), provide lasting resistance based on rough ground outdoor basketball court. .

Kobe 7 Shoes

Nike Kobe series of shoes seventh generation was released at the end of 2011 years, Nike Kobe 7 can customize the system breaks through the concept of a single product, the speed and power module of interchangeable modules, to provide users with different basketball styles a variety of performance. The two module comprises a buffer with the support of different functions, so that players can customize adjusted according to their own style. The Nike Kobe 7 generation basketball shoes made with Kobe Hunter nature for inspiration, injected hunters gene products. The hunters patterns appearing on the polyurethane material on the upper, it is like a layer of "skin", at the same time to simulate the cheetah, the great white Shark and black mamba three hunters image. You can find such a relief pattern in each Kobe Bryant Shoes of this series.

Kobe 8 Shoes

NIKE KOBE 8 for the first time to remove the ZOOM words, because except for a few versions have ZOOM unit, most of the KOBE 8 gives the full palm LUNARLON configuration. Want to experience and feel better, only to choose a pair of NIKE ID KOBE 8 SYETEM, and only strengthen the slim version of the ZOOM. From the appearance point of view, too many people would rather believe that this is a pair of running shoes or soccer shoes, rather than a pair of basketball shoes. The new ENGINEERED MESH network faces although lightweight breathable, ignoring Kobe has played 17 seasons in the 35 year old. The biggest regret is KOBE 8 without the stability and good protection under kobe's foot at this time.

Kobe 9 Shoes

2013-14 season, Kobe ushered in Kobe 9 Shoes. Kobe 9 Elite through the Nike Flyknit fly line technology outline a fascinating pattern with a sense of visual impact, plays the second layers of the kobe's skin, giving him a similar tension and strength of Web engineering, reach the light strength, detonation speed, break the normal procedure. It is because of the plasticity of Flyknit itself, help Kobe 9 Elite to weave a variety of styles, so stand in the frontier science and technology; And develop in terms of design, the perfect fusion of various elements, like nature itself -- highest quality. For the first time to apply Flyknit technology to the basketball shoes, Kobe said: "this pair of shoes, KOBE 9 Elite reflects my passion for basketball, Flyknit bold colors and unique technology inspired me to fight, will enable me to carry the world in the stadium." As the final chapter of Kobe Prelude Pack, KOBE 9 Elite will be Kobe with second layers of skin's mission and Kobe together on the court. And this is the first Kobe 9 Elite "Masterpiece masterpiece" has thus opened. The Kobe Braynt Shoes is the most popular shoes among NBA Basketball Shoes. Through the introduction above, do you konw more about Nike Kobe 4 generation, 5 generation, 6 generation, 7 generation, 8 generation, the 9 generation? In fact, understand the performance of the shoes, everyone choose and buy Nike Kobe shoes according to the motion characteristics.

Kobe 10 Shoes

The latest Kobe Bryaht Shoes is Kobe 10, the shoes have been released in 2015. everyone is wait for the Kobe 10 Shoes for sale all the world. The Kobe 10 shoes have better performance than previous generations of Kobe basketball shoes. The shoes set the advantages of previous generations, and used new materials and technology. Let us see several colors of kobe 10 now. Most of experts think the kobe 10 will become the most popular NBA basketball shoes.